The service that we offer is incredibly straight forward.  We provide 20 minute consultations using the online platform Zoom.  

At your appointed time,  you will be connected (using Zoom) to one of our friendly, professional and dedicated homeopaths, who will spend 20 minutes discussing your current symptoms with you.

Once this is complete, you will be advised on the best remedy/remedies for you to take.  This information will be emailed to you, so that you can then order it directly from a homeopathic pharmacy.

The pharmacies that we would recommend are Helios Homeopathy and Ainsworths.  Both of these pharmacies are generally able to send remedies out the same day you order, if you place your order before 1pm. 

Please note:  The cost of your appointment is for the consultation and prescription.  It does NOT include the cost of the remedies.

If you have a longer standing condition that you would like treatment for, all of our team do offer full consultations through their own private practices. Please contact us if this would be more suitable for you or you can find a homeopath near to you using the Society of Homeopaths.

How much does it cost?

Our main aim is to provide homeopathic advice to anyone who wants it.  We have set the charge at £15 per appointment.  However, if you are unable to pay this please email us and we will book you in without charge.

The £15 is payable using PayPal.